Fluorimetro Edinburgh FLS 1000

Fluorimetro Edinburgh FLS 1000

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Edinburgh Instruments
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Steady-state excitation and emission spectra in the UV-VIS-NIR spectral range with single photon counting sensitivity. Lifetimes (hundreds of ps to seconds) of compounds emitting from UV to NIR. Polarizers for fluorescence anisotropy measurements. Sample holders for liquids and solids (possibility of front-face excitation).

Sources: 450 W Xenon Lamp; 60 W Microsecond Flashlamp; 375 nm and 405 nm ps pulsed diode lasers; 295 nm ps pulsed LED.

Double Grating Excitation Monochromators: 1200 grooves/mm, blaze 400 nm; 1200 grooves/mm, blaze 750 nm.

Excitation Polariser 220-900 nm.

Single Grating Emission Monochromators: 1800 grooves/mm, blaze 500 nm; 1200 grooves/mm, blaze 750 nm; 830 grooves/mm, blaze 1200 nm.

Emission Polariser 240-2300 nm.

Detectors: PMT-900 Detector 200-870 nm; PMT-1700 in Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Housing, 300-1700 nm.

Acquisition Electronics for counting/MCS/TCSPC Measurements.

Gated acquisition for the PMT-900 Detector (to discriminate fluorescence from phosphorescence).

CPL option to measure right and left circularly polarised luminescence signals, in terms of difference in intensity (ΔI) and emission dissymmetry (glum) spectra. Wavelength range for CPL: 200-900 nm.

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